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I always thought I felt empowered and I always assumed everyone around me and my circle helped to empower me.

It wasn’t until my son got older and started to spread his wings and I decided to get my Real Estate license that I realized how toxic and unsupportive some of the people around me and family were. I have a pretty tight-knit group of girlfriends (you’ll see tons of pictures of adventures over time). Let me be clear, most of our inner circle are amazing people. I know who exactly to call for an ear, advice, someone to kick me in the ass, I even know who will look me dead in the face and say, “you fucked up.” When it comes to cheerleaders and supporters, I have to say I was shocked.

Nothing shows solidarity more than when you call a girlfriend and say, “I have this idea, and I want to make it a reality,” and their reply is, “That is amazing. I think you’ll be fabulous!” We don’t always get that from people. I mean come on folks, even if you think it is ridiculous, why wouldn’t you support your friend. Show up, take a risk, help them get their feet wet, just simply ask questions and show your support. It’s not fucking rocket science.

I posted my first “REEL” on instagram the other day. If you knew the support of the two girlfriends I had with me that day! Kim and Shana, friends for almost 20 years. Long story short, Kim helped with pictures (it’s her thing) and Shana and I threw ideas at her. But it was after that really spoke volumes. We enjoyed our lunch, and as always, overstayed our welcome at LUCI’S AT THE ORCHARD, then the real support and empowerment of friendship kicked in. My friends sat in the car for over 2 hours helping me, showing me how to make a REEL and add music. No it is not life changing for anyone, but it is a testament of friendship. EMPOWERING your circle.

Be supportive, take a risk, help your friends, don’t be a condescending asshole. My girlfriend Stacia is a huge cheerleader. Never skips a day, always calls or texts to tell me how proud she is of me. It is a HUGE statement. EMPOWERING

On Saturday, my amazing Web/Blog designer Ciana was over at the house doing what she does. Young, brilliantly smart, just graduated college, recently landed a new full-time fantastic job, and she still jumped right in and took over the task of helping me. I am seriously a deer in headlights when it comes to technology. Yet she doesn’t even blink, patient as can be, and amazingly enough, I GOT IT! This young lady EMPOWERED this 50 year old brain. I mean seriously, she never once got frustrated or made me feel less than.

After a long day of brainwork between getting ready to launch this new adventure and dealing with Real Estate deadlines, Tony and I decided to go out and take a Jeep ride through Cave Creek (always gorgeous) and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. I put on some Kid Rock (love his music), roof off of course and we were cruising along. All of a sudden it hit me. For the first time in my life, I feel completely EMPOWERED. I feel completely content with who I am. I am not competing with anyone when it comes to Real Estate and transactions I may or may not have. I also have complete contentment with the future success or not of my newest adventure – JS POSH LIVING.

I don’t know if I will have two followers or 200 million. For me, it is about feeding my soul and doing stuff that makes me happy. Maybe even EMPOWERING you, my friends, a stranger. I love to write, have more thoughts than I know what to do with, and now I have a place to share. I’ve been told I’m a know-it-all (great friend, by the way). I will never assume to “know It all'', but I will always share my opinion in my space. I will always share my knowledge and experiences. I have never been one to compliment myself, yet I will say this, I am extremely smart, and blessed (sometimes annoyingly) with a relentlessly curious and inquisitive brain. It’s good to be me!


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