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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Make this year, YOUR year. Become the best version of yourself inside and out!

Becoming “Unapologetically Me” was by no means an easy task. I think I finally conquered it at age 50.

Growing up, I never felt like I fit in. Along with severe social anxiety, I always felt like an outsider. I was always a bit loud and crazy (in a fun way) but never felt confident in being me. I Still get anxious in a room with people I don’t know too well.

Eventually, Tony introduced me to lifting weights and later boxing (my favorite); I call it my brain juice. It gave me confidence and strength I never knew I could have. Yet, it is pretty much the only time my brain slows down. The physical aspect is a plus for me, not the reason.

I have always enjoyed reading and learning. Not classroom learning, I couldn’t stay focused in a classroom; my brain wouldn’t stop thinking and wondering. The school was too slow for me; I love to get to the point and investigate every aspect of everything I hear and read. Now that is where I thrive! If I hear it or see it, I have to know all about it. For some, it is annoying; I’ve been told “you’re a know it” or “OMG, you have the most random information in your brain.” I think the latter is true.

Before “THE YEAR OF COVID,” I was approaching my 50th birthday. Like, what the HELL was my 50th birthday goal going to be? Was it going to be lifting weights until I could conquer my fear of getting on stage and doing a competition? Was it going to be the greatest business deal ever seen? Or wait, maybe going back to school and getting a degree? I would love to be a Doctor or a Lawyer!! What the actual fuck am I going to bring into the second half of my life? My biggest fear in life is putting myself out there and being judged, failing, people saying, “what the hell is she doing now”?

So what did I do? Well, I have partnered with the greatest Real Estate partner I could, Mark Mahan. We have fun working together, we both love real estate, and our strengths complement each other perfectly. Which is how this whole “BLOG” got started. A website idea turned blog idea expanded into “JS POSH LIVING.” I can write about anything “Arizona Living.” BUT WAIT, I can add a page about travel, food, health, questions, and answers.

And there we have it, conquering my biggest fear, putting myself out for judgment, and a 50th birthday goal, incorporating our fabulous real estate business, and doing it UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

I am sure there will be plenty of trial and error, as expected with any business. My hope is you read, enjoy and engage. I love ideas, input, and of course, your praise (a girl has needs). Feel free to email with questions or ideas. Tell a friend, share my website, help a girl out. I will also have a small marketplace with some of my favorite, most complimented items coming soon.

Now pour yourself a glass of wine (or beverage of choice) and relax.



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