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I had a very interesting conversation the other day while having my hair done. We got into a debate about how we like “OUR MEN” to step up when it comes to decision-making. This goes for you women out there too. Relationships between spouses/partners are different in every household. What are the dynamics in your marriage or relationship?

Our conversation started with date night details. My friend is dating a man who will never make a decision, or get to the point. No matter how much bait she gives him to make a plan or final decision, he won’t.

I certainly don’t want to be told what to do, but I surely want a man/partner who can make plans, have a conversation, or just make a final decision. What restaurant, bar or main dining seating, what movie? Even sex, oh man, SAY IT!

If one partner is always making the plans or choices, is it leading to bigger conflicts or bigger issues later? Marriage is for the "long game", and communication is key. If you’re dating someone who “can not” or “is not” willing to communicate and is only agreeable to do what you want and not speak up, is this a red flag for later resentment?

After 31 years of marriage, communication is key. Speaking up and being a willing partner in life. Even the small decisions, or opinions matter. What do you think?


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